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Une idée née d'une expérience

Tristan, l'un de nos cofondateur vous raconte son histoire

Histoire de l'idée de Goplan

Why did you choose civil engineering for your start in the world of work?

When I was young, I wanted to work in underprivileged countries and building infrastructure was a good idea for me.

What do you like about this job?

The technical challenge and the close collaboration required to conceptualize the projects of tomorrow. It must be precise, aesthetic and above all functional. In truth, it is art.

And on the other hand, what frustrated you?

The technical challenge and the close collaboration. More seriously, I would say all the time-consuming tasks that have nothing to do with our job. I'm thinking of all those hours spent checking that the documents we're looking at are valid, finding documents in a sharepoint, doing tons of communication to make sure I'm working on the right plan bases. And still it is necessary to remember how we had contact with the person... By email? SMS? WhatsApp ? Phone ?

When did you get the idea to build Goplan?

Before doing a professional retraining in IT development, I was in charge in my office of bringing digital solutions internally to improve the efficiency of our teams. This is where I realized that there was a big lack of software specialized in operational project management for architects and engineers.

Why not just offer other offices the tools you found?

The tools offered still require a significant investment of time to adapt them to the needs of our business. Who says investment in customizing the software, says that it would be impossible to find a consensus between the offices to use the same configurations. Already in one office, hard to agree.

Tell us about your trigger that allowed you to embark on this adventure!

What's funny is that Goplan is basically a project to learn more about computer development. The code is learned by doing, so I chose a project whose subject interests me in order to keep the motivation until the end. It was former colleagues who made me realize that the project could have real potential. I decided to go all out. I asked the 3 people with whom I dream of building a major project to join me in my quest.

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