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Why the engineers and architects need a project management software?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Pourquoi les ingénieurs et les architectes ont besoin d'un logiciel de gestion de projet ?

Project management software or platform is software used to organize and manage plans, documents, tasks, finance, communication, collaboration, and so on that are related to the project. The purpose of the platform is to facilitate planning, streamline your working process, control your resources, and deliver your project on time and on budget.

Depending on the sector, project management software has different functionalities. In this article, we discuss only project management software for architects and engineers in design offices.

As an engineer or architect, your primary responsibility is to create blueprints and successfully deliver them for construction. Your daily work is filled with tons of things, and these are some reasons why you need a project management platform.

Avoiding missing tasks and missed deadline

Are you working on any construction projects right now? How many things do you have to remember and work on every day? Some things need to be completed today, while others need to be completed another day. How can you possibly remember them all?

Instead of writing them down on paper, creating a check list in Word/Excel, setting a reminder on your phone ... like everyone else, you can now write them down on a platform. Tasks can be assigned to each project separately with deadlines. However, you can always track all your tasks in one place, see what needs to be done now as well as later.

Get rid of small things that can take up a great deal of time

Are you bothered by naming files, looking for documents and photos you need, manually updating schedules/timetables? Do you notice how much time they consume?

With a management platform, you can minimize the time spent on manual actions. By default, the platform will create a name for your file and keep your last updated files in a place where you can access them at any time. It will also store thousands of photos of your project and you can find the one you need in just a few clicks. You will no longer need a timetable. Moreover, the platform stores all your actions, so you never get lost and you can always track what you have done.

"According to a PWC study, a direct correlation exists between the use of project management software and project performance. Of the top performing projects, 87% use project management software."

Smoothen internal communication and workflow

Do you need to call, email, or message someone to assign them tasks, ask for information, exchange documents and so on? How many times do you communicate back and forth to get the information you need, not to mention wasted time waiting, which you could use for other critical tasks?

By combining all the tools you need in one place, the project management platform allows all team players to communicate through one platform. It is possible now to share files, assign tasks, collaborate with your team, get your documents approved, and deliver them with minimal access to external applications.

Additionally, this system allows all team members to stay focused on priority tasks. There will be fewer interruptions when you are concentrating on something.

Avoid redundancy and repetitive actions

It is possible that team members work on outdated information and files due to different working methods and a lack of communication. It is caused by asynchronous information. The most effective way to avoid asynchronous information is to keep everyone on the same page.

Platforms where all the information is synchronized in one place and easily accessible can help to reduce redundancy and repetitive tasks.

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Enhance and speed up collaboration with partners.

Smooth internal communication is critical, but in construction projects, external collaboration is no less important, don't you think?

A platform is not only limited to your internal network, but it can also connect you with your partners. Collaborating and exchanging information with your partners is now as simple as communicating with your team members.

Cost effectiveness and increasing productivity

At the management level, a system that eliminates wasted time, reduces errors, smooths communication, and motivates team players is an essential element of efficient resource management. This is also the key to increasing productivity.

Think of the same projects, but one that is delivered with fewer errors, and takes less time. How much would the business save and earn from that? Not only do they save physical costs, but they also generate customer satisfaction, competitive advantages, and sustainable development.

Now you understand the importance of project management software in managing a project. The construction industry is not an exception when it comes to using management software to increase productivity. Is your company using management software?

What Goplan platform can help you?

Goplan is a construction project management platform, designed specifically for engineers and architects in design offices. It is an ecosystem that helps you to manage your workflow from creating the plan to successfully delivery it with minimal mistakes and less irritating but pleasure.

Moreover, Goplan is a tailor-made platform, customised to fit the needs of engineers and architects. There is no time and cost consuming for training and setting. Learn more about us by clicking here.

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